Amazing artist to work with. Thanks so much for supporting me at Additude Festival & getting me up to sing with you at other gigs too.

Summer, Ipswich

Rob did an amazing recording for a backing track I need for my Dads 50th birthday present. Such a professional quality of sound, and it was done quick and with no hassle. A very talented guy and I would recommend both his singing and guitar playing services!!

Lauren, Ipswich

Rob mixed and edited a live concert recording for me, really impressed with the results - highly recommended!

Mark, Ipswich

I have known Rob for many years now and he has always had a real passion for all things musical. He basically helped me discover my own passion for music and playing live, and as a result I gained confidence and have played numerous gigs in and around the Ipswich area. He is a patient kind of bloke and willing to take time to help you get things right. He is complimentary and not to mention very approachable. I would recommend anyone looking to get started in a career in music to give him a message and get started on what for me was a great adventure in to the world of music.

Matt, Ipswich