I'm Rob Lewis and this is Rob Lewis Music Services. I provide a unique service covering many aspects of music performance, recording, coaching and creativity.

I have been on the Suffolk music scene since the late 90s playing in many bands, including Jynx, Boneshakers, Mosschops and the Colourblind Hedgehogs, and in 2013 founded an 8 piece country rock band, Stetsons Are Cool. I also regularly perform as an acoustic solo artist known as The Last Gunfighter.

As well as performing live throughout the year, I also offer vocal coaching and guitar tuition for beginners. I provide one-on-one coaching and also work for The Rock Project in three music schools locally.

Appearing on BBC Radio Suffolk with (L-R) DJ Stephen Foster, head of The Rock Project Ipswich, David Brown, and local artist Noah Evans

Local singer Summer Jones hired me in 2017 to accompany her at a live gig.

I am also on occasion, called on to provide my voice for session work, including recently for a local music label providing a track for distribution in the Far East.

I have an extensive back catalogue of original material and can overlook your work and offer constructive criticism where required, or I can even record and produce your work for you, perhaps playing some instruments that you may not be able yourself to play. Even if you or I can't play the required instrument, there's a good chance I will know someone that can!

My most recent recorded original works to date are three of my own compositions and two collaborations on the Colourblind Hedgehogs' album, IN A BAG

As well as vocals and guitar, I also play harmonica, piano, drums, bass guitar, banjo, percussion and ukulele.

So if you need a singer, musician, to hire a PA, songwriting assistance, vocal coaching, beginner guitar tuition or an affordable way to record that song you've written, don't hesitate to call me!